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Safety Search

Welcome to Safety Search™, BIC Graphic's on-line library of product safety testing reports, and CPSIA certificates.

Safety Search™ is the industry's first online resource for product safety test reporting and CPSIA certificates. These documents are exclusive to BIC Graphic, offering only our registered distributors access to this information. No other supplier currently offers this level of product safety information to their customers.

BIC Graphic has tested the majority of its items for, at a minimum, lead and Prop 65 compliance. We continue to add reports as they are made available after testing. Product safety is on everyone's mind and we offer a simple way to access product testing information.

BIC Graphic is committed to offering you industry-leading solutions to build your business. You can rely on us to provide you with the tools to confidently sell our products to your customers.

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Non-Branded Product test reports

To retrieve a report, simply type the product's catalog number in the search engine and click Search. As you review BIC Graphic test reports you will notice that BIC Graphic uses only the most distinguished independent certified testing labs in the world. The information that is blacked out on each report consists only of BIC Graphic proprietary information and does not hide any test result, note or other safety information.

Disclaimer: BIC Graphic is providing you with copies of certain test reports and/or other documents. The tests and results described in those reports and documents were conducted and provided by an independent lab and not BIC Graphic. BIC Graphic does not certify or provide any warranty (express or implied) with respect to the accuracy, applicability or completeness of the tests performed, the results of those tests, or any other information included in this package. If you choose to rely on or use these reports and documents in any way, you agree that you are assuming all risks associated with doing so and that you are releasing BIC Graphic, its affiliated companies, its employees, consultants and the testing labs that issued such reports and documents from all liability with regard to those reports and documents and your reliance or use of them.