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BIC Graphic Undue Influence Policy
                                                                    (16 CFR 1107.24)
BIC Graphic meets all requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (the “CPSIA”). It is a violation of BIC Graphic policy and the CPSIA to unduly influence our independent testing labs to produce false testing results.
Undue Influence is any act or statement that undermines the credibility or validity of the testing process used for the certification of Child Products. BIC Graphic employees who become aware of Undue Influence must report it to their supervisor, the General Counsel, or another BIC Graphic officer. When BIC Graphic learns of Undue Influence it must retest the same product at a different third party testing lab and take the appropriate measures including reporting the incident to the CPSC.
Every effort will be made to keep this report confidential. BIC Graphic will not tolerate any retaliation against an employee for reporting an instance of Undue Influence or participating in an investigation of a report of Undue Influence.
All employees who interact with the testing lab we use must attend Undue Influence Training to make sure that no one engages in Undue Influence. All employees who attend Undue Influence Training must sign a statement attesting to their attendance.