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Production-Ready Order

Standard Production Times

Standard production times vary by product. See product pages for information. Seasonal fluctuations and size of order may affect production times. Production time begins the day after all clarifications have been made and your order is considered production-ready.

See Production-Ready Art section for requirements.

BIC Graphic offers FREE 24-Hour Service on many items. Please see the inside back cover of this catalog for complete details.

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Production-Ready Art

We accept high-quality laser prints, or digital art on CDs or by e-mail. For faster serviceand better imprint quality, we recommend providing artwork via e-mail. Artwork shouldnot need any additional touch-up, design, color separation or rearranging for use.

The use of licensed artwork requires a written release. Artwork when submitted isassumed to be in full compliance with laws governing copyrights, trademarks, etc.We are not responsible for typographical errors incorporated into submitted artwork.Factory reserves the right to make slight alterations in copy and logos to adapt toimprinting processes.

Please Note: BIC Graphic reserves the right not to print any logo or message that isdeemed inappropriate.

QR Codes: QR codes are most readable when printed on flat surfaces using a highcontrastimprint [such as a white imprint on dark surfaces or a black imprint on lightsurfaces]. QR codes may not be readable when printed on coarse-weave materials orcurved surfaces. For the best results, the QR code should be black with a white border.A pre-production proof is recommended to test the functionality of the code.BIC Graphic is not responsible for the quality, accuracy or usefulness of QR codeoperations or content. BIC Graphic does not police or endorse any QR code content.

Electronic Artwork

Artwork will be accepted digitally from the following programs:
  • Adobe Illustrator® (all fonts converted to outlines)—preferred format
  • Photoshop® (black-and-white .tiff, .pict, .jpeg files scanned or created at 1200 DPI[high resolution] and at approximately the actual size of the imprint area)
  • FreeHand® (saved as an Adobe Illustrator® ".ai" format, Mac or PC)
  • InDesign® files must be sent with the linked file. A linked file may include .eps, .pict,.tiff or .jpeg file formats
  • CorelDraw® (Use Publish PDF)

    For personalization (select items), submit list of names in Excel® with the following fileextensions: Excel: .xls or Comma Delimited Text: .csv.

    Submit a copy of the art layout with the order.

    E-mail Artwork: Artwork should be submitted within 24 hours of sending the order.Please include purchase order number in the subject line of the e-mail. Multiple filesshould be compressed in either .zip or .sit format. File size limitation via e-mail is10MB. Artwork can also be transferred directly to us via our online arttransfer system.

    Vector Art

    We recommend using vector art because it produces the highest quality artwork.It is "resolution independent," which means it can be enlarged without affecting thequality of your imprint.

    Raster Art (Placed/Continuous Tone Images)

    Raster Art is "resolution dependent." When you change the size of an imprint, youchange the quality. This means that the resolution (DPI) of your file is critical.Files must be at least 300 dpi at 100% of final size.

    Grayscale and Bitmap images must be 1200 dpi. Do not submit files with linked images. Please embed all graphics. Raster Artwork will be accepted in Photoshop®format (black-and-white .tiff, .pict, .jpeg files scanned or created at 1200 dpi[high resolution] and at approximately the actual size of the imprint area).

    Hard-Copy Artwork

    If electronic art is not available, please provide sharp, high-contrast, color-separated or black-and-white artwork. Artwork will be returned upon request or it will be discarded.

    Standard Imprint Colors

    Stock Imprint Color Palette
    stock imprint colors

    The color match numbers listed above are for reference only. The actual imprint colors may not be an exact match to the color number.

    Metallic imprint colors are not available on 4-color process decorated products.

    Due to the catalog printing process, colors shown may not be exact.

    Due to variations in material, imprint methods and ink opacity, exact color matching cannot be guaranteed on all colored substrates.

    Most hard goods are color matched to the coated (C) stock (example: 186 C). Please contact your distributor for more information.

    *Not available for Foil Stamped products.

    **Available for Writing Instruments only.

    Standard Engraving Types for Personalization

    standard engraving types

    Follow standard art requirements. Artwork should be submitted the same size as the imprint size indicated on product pages and on to ensure the best clarity possible. Files 300 DPI or greater are recommended for photographic images.

    Personalization: There will be a default location and font for personalization unless otherwise specified. Please visit for all default personalization locations and font. Customized personalization location charge: $25(g).


    When choosing Embroidery as your imprint method, please indicate your desired Madeira Polyneon thread number or approximate color number. We will select thread colors as closely as possible; however, exact thread color matching is not guaranteed.

    Stock Embroidery Madeira Polyneon Thread

    (Approx. color match Madeira number)

    embroidery colors


    We can add text to your imprint at no additional charge. Send a TYPEWRITTEN version of the text, specifying typeface, point size and case. When typestyles are not specified, our typesetters will set your copy for the best effect (see below). Your copy must be at least the minimum point size required for each product.

    typeset standards

    When you choose script fonts, they are only legible when set in upper/lower case. Due to variances in product surfaces, some logos and geometric shapes may distort when printing on curved products.

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    E-mail/Fax Proof

    If requested, a color proof will be e-mailed or a black-and-white proof will be faxed free of charge. Please include fax number and e-mail address on purchase order. Contact distributor for more information.

    • 1st proof is FREE; additional proofs may incur a charge
    • Add 2 business days
    • Standard service golf balls and co-branded products: add 4–6 business days
    • For orders totaling $1,000–$2,499, a mandatory paper proof will be provided FREE by our factory for approval prior to scheduling production time

    Product Proof

    Actual printed product completed prior to full production run of an order. Not available on some items. Recommended when color matching is critical. Contact distributor for more information.

    • $50(g) plus $50(g) set-up (if applicable) and product cost
    • 3-day service golf ball Product Proof charge is $75(g), plus $31.25(g) set-up charge, plus product cost (1 dozen minimum)
    • Standard production times apply
    • 46073: Woven patch pre-production samples $75(g) and production cost For orders totaling $2,500+ a mandatory product proof will be provided FREE by our factory for approval prior to scheduling production time. Not available on some items. Contact distributor for more information.

    Speculative Sample

    Actual printed product (often completed as a presentation piece prior to the placement of an order). Not available on some items. Contact distributor for more information.

    • $50(g) plus $50(g) set-up (if applicable) and product cost
    • 3-day service golf ball Spec Sample charge is $75(g), plus $31.25(g) set-up charge, plus product cost (1 dozen minimum)
    • Standard production times apply
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    Copy Change

    Copy changes are available for $30(g) per change. Catalog minimums apply per copy change. Logo imprint, color and location must remain the same. Not available on some items. Contact distributor for more information.

    britePix® Personalization

    britePix® personalization is available on all britePix® products. There is no limit to the amount of personalization that can be achieved! We ask that you supply all personalization requests in an Excel® spreadsheet with separate columns for each name, corresponding image, photo, event, date, etc. A britePix® personalization template can be found at Customer assumes responsibility for accuracy of submitted personalization information. BIC Graphic is not liable for any inaccurate information.

    Imprint Color Change

    Imprint color changes are available. Catalog minimums apply per imprint color change. Logo imprint and location must remain the same. $25(g) per change, except Writing Instruments, Digital 4-color process and britePix® products, for which imprint color changes are free of charge.

    Match Trim Color and britePix® Products

    We will match your imprint color to product trim color when requested. Simply request “match trim” as your imprint color. PMS color matching not available. If a PMS color is listed we will attempt to match as close as possible. Exact color match cannot be guaranteed on 4-color process

    Product Color Variance

    Due to the nature of the materials and the variance in manufactured products, we cannot guarantee exact matches within orders or on repeat orders. Like-named colors in different materials may not be an exact color match. In our continuing effort to improve our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

    Registration of Multicolor Designs

    In multicolored designs where it becomes necessary to register one color next to another, there is the possibility of misregistration amounting from approximately 1/64"–1/16", depending on the size and shape of the item being imprinted. This tolerance meets industry standards and is considered acceptable.

    Non-Standard Imprint Color Matching

    The charge for non-standard imprint color matching is $30(g). Most hard goods are color matched to Coated (C) Stock (example: 203 C). Please call your distributor for more information. If sending a color swatch, we will match it as closely as possible. Exact color match is not available on 4-color process, colorfill or hot stamped products.

    Above Catalog Quantities

    For orders above catalog quantities, please contact your distributor for production time and pricing.

    Exact Quantity Order Charge

    BIC Graphic reserves the right to bill and ship up to 5% over-runs and under-runs. If exact quantity is required, the purchase order must state “Exact Quantity.” There is a $31.25(g) charge for exact quantity requests, except for Writing Instruments, Awards and Atchison® products, for which this is free of charge.

    Less Than Minimum Charge

    All imprinted orders require minimum quantities as listed in the catalog. Less than minimum imprinted orders will be accepted with a $50(g) additional charge and an absolute minimum of half the catalog minimum some exclusions apply. Contact distributor for more information.

    Exact Reorders

    We will keep your artwork for 24 months. When you reorder, please include the original invoice number or purchase order number along with complete order information (product, ink colors, size, etc.). Standard production time applies. All order elements, including the imprint colors, must be exactly the same as the original order.

    Rush Services

    See the inside back cover for FREE 24-Hour Service ordering instructions. Orders requiring quicker than published lead times may be feasible and a 20% surcharge applies to the product price. Contact your distributor for further information.

    Special Packaging

    If you have special packaging needs such as shrink-wrapping, special inserts or shipping combinations of BIC Graphic products in the same box, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to accommodate your request. Keep in mind, some special packaging requests may require additional time and an additional charge.

    Blank Merchandise

    Blank merchandise is available at the end column price with the exception of Bags, Leatherman® products, and select chairs, headwear and golf products where pricing is listed on each product page. No set-up charges are applicable.

    Catalog quantities only. The absolute minimum is half the catalog minimum quantity.* Production time is 1 business day. Order must be placed before 3pm CST. Exceptions include Factory Direct items and kits. Not available on some products. Contact distributor for more information.

    Exception: *Incremental carton quantities only for bags, chairs, and headwear

    All blank merchandise is for adult use only. BIC Graphic reserves the right to apply a Prop 65 warning to all blank merchandise. The customer is responsible for ensuring compliance with all laws applicable to imprint inks and other decorating methods.

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    Shipping Information

    Freight Terms

    Applicable shipping and handling charges are added to the customer’s invoice. Please check our website for product specific shipping information. Title to and risk of loss of the goods will be transferred to the customer at the time of pickup by the carrier, at which time our responsibility will cease. BIC Graphic cannot assume responsibility for time delays in transit.

    Changes to Shipping Addresses/Shipping Methods

    Any changes to shipping address or shipping method must be submitted in writing 24 hours prior to the scheduled ship date and before the order has been processed for shipment.

    Split Shipments

    Up to four split shipments are allowed during a 12-month period, with the 4th (final) shipment occurring within 12 months after receipt of order, free of charge. Shipping and handling charges apply. Invoice will reflect the quantity shipped.

    Third-Party and Freight Collect

    Add $10(z) per order when electing not to ship on BIC Graphic’s shipper account. Insurance must be handled by the consignee. If any selected thirdparty or freight collect fee gets charged back to BIC Graphic, these charges and any associated fees will be billed separately to your account. All third-party and freight collect shipments ship EXW factory.

    Drop Shipments*

    Catalog minimum quantity is required per address. Shipments to multiple locations, all occurring at the same time, will not incur a drop ship fee for the first 20 locations. Each location after 20 will incur a $8(Z) charge per location. Shipping and Handling charges apply. A drop ship list must be provided on an Excel spreadsheet with separate columns for the distributor company name, purchase order number, Ship To name, address 1, address 2, city, state, zip and quantity per drop. Drop ship addresses must be received prior to the start of production of the order for packaging accuracy.

    International Shipping

    For shipments outside the United States (including Puerto Rico), declared values will be catalog pricing unless otherwise requested.

    For international shipments, the customer is responsible for all taxes, duties, brokerage fees and miscellaneous charges related to the shipment. If an international order is shipped via a third party or freight collect, these fees will be charged to the third-party or freight collect account.

    For shipments with a declared value of $2,500 or more, a shipper’s export declaration (or Electronic Export Information) will need to be submitted to customs. All shipments to countries that qualify for this requirement will have an additional $20 handling fee added to the shipping cost for third-party, freight collect and prepaid shipments.

    BIC Graphic is not responsible for delays in customs, ocean freight shipment delays or air freight shipment delays beyond our immediate control.

    BIC Graphic products are designed to meet the laws and standards of the markets in which they are offered for sale by BIC Graphic. Customers wishing to ship products outside of those markets, whether shipped by BIC Graphic or the customer, assume the risk that the product or its ingredients may not meet the laws of the country of import.

    Freight Claims

    Title passes from the factory upon consignment of merchandise to the carrier. Although we can assist you, freight claims for third-party and freight collect shipments should be filed with the carrier.

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    Terms & Conditions

    By submitting a purchase order, Customer agrees to these Terms & Conditions. In the event of a conflict between these Terms & Conditions and the terms and conditions in a Customer’s purchase order, these Terms & Conditions shall control.


    All pricing in this catalog is effective on orders received from January 1 through December 31, 2016, for shipment on or before January 31, 2017.

    Catalog Price Increases

    As we finalized pricing for 2016, every effort was made to identify and project material cost increases from our suppliers. Where necessary, these increases are included in our current pricing. However, due to the volatility of crude oil prices and associated impact on raw material costs, we reserve the right to change catalog prices at any time without notice, if necessary. If this is required, we will do everything we can to announce the changes ahead of time. We understand and regret the inconvenience this may cause you and your customers.

    Order Acceptance

    All orders are binding upon BIC Graphic only after acceptance by BIC Graphic.


    Prices, terms and conditions, items and colors are subject to change or can be discontinued without notice.


    Changes will delay orders and must be authorized by BIC Graphic. Changes to or cancellation of orders prior to production will be invoiced at a $31.25(g) minimum charge per change, plus all cost incurred before cancellation request is received at the factory. After production has been initiated, orders cannot be changed or canceled. Production time begins upon receipt of the complete order or after proof approval.

    Authorized Returns

    Returned merchandise must have a return authorization number, which must be obtained from the Claims and Resolution Department. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Any complaint must be registered within 30 days of shipment. Un-imprinted products will be subject to a 20% restocking charge.

    Artwork Return

    Customer artwork, if available, will be returned if requested on order. Include company name and purchase order number on all artwork. Examples of items that cannot be returned include letterhead, photocopies or labels. Artwork will be held on a computer file for 24 months. Repeat orders submitted after that time will require new artwork. Art services provided by BIC Graphic are created in a digital format which cannot be returned.

    Catalog Illustrations

    Logos and other imprints shown in this catalog are for illustrative purposes only. They do not imply endorsement, nor are any items with these specific logos for sale to anyone other than parties expressly authorized by the owner of such designs. Product colors shown throughout this catalog may vary slightly from actual products due to inherent limitations in photography, film separations, offset printing and plastic molding processes.

    Intellectual Property

    NORWOOD® BY BIC GRAPHIC, the NORWOOD® BY BIC GRAPHIC logo, MY NORWOOD®, ATCHISON®, GOINGREEN(logo)®, GOOD VALUE(logo)®, KOOZIE®, RCC KOOZIE®, SAFETY SEARCH®, SPECTRACOLOR®, BRITEPIX®, NORWOOD® PACIFIC SOLUTIONS™, KAPSTON™ and all related trademarks, logos and trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of BIC Corporation, and/or its affiliates or licensors in the United States and other countries and may not be used without written permission. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

    The designs embodied in the products depicted in this catalog are the property of BIC Graphic, and/or its affiliates and licensors, and are protected under federal and international patent, trademark and copyright laws. Any use of these designs without the express written consent of BIC Graphic is prohibited. Purchase of products through this catalog does not constitute a license of any intellectual property between BIC Graphic and Customer.

    Please note that the pictures on our products were purchased for promotional product use only. We regret that these products may not be sold as retail, used for reproduction, dismantled for selling as prints, nor sold outside North America.

    The use of third-party logos, trademarks and trade names on products in this catalog are for illustrative purposes to represent BIC Graphic’s expertise in factory printing and design capabilities. Such use does not imply an endorsement or association between BIC Graphic and any third party, nor does it indicate that the product has been used or purchased by any third party. Products featuring these designs are not for sale to anyone other than authorized representatives of the owners of the logos, trademarks and trade names.

    BIC Graphic reserves the right to photograph or show as samples the items produced by BIC Graphic without liability as to trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights, and Customers placing orders with BIC Graphic consent to such use.

    As to Customers placing orders with BIC Graphic that contain custom die shapes, BIC Graphic is and shall be the sole owner of all copyrights and other intellectual property rights now existing or hereafter coming into existence in and to any custom die shapes (subject to Customer’s copyright, if any, in its own underlying artwork).

    Customer shall have a limited, royalty-free non-sublicensable license to view any draft/proposal versions of a custom die shape provided by BIC Graphic solely for the purpose of approving the product. Upon BIC Graphic receipt of payment in full, Customer shall also have a perpetual, royalty-free license to display and redistribute the final tangible version of the product delivered by BIC Graphic. However, unless otherwise agreed by BIC Graphic in writing, no such product, whether in final form or draft/proposal form, may be reproduced, modified, adapted, published, printed or used for a derivative work by Customer or any other party. All other rights are expressly reserved by BIC Graphic.


    Authorization Indemnification

    BIC Graphic assumes no responsibility for determining the proper ownership or proper use of trademarks, logos and trade names.

    All liabilities of this nature rest with the Customer. By placing an order with BIC Graphic, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to order, purchase and distribute merchandise containing the names, trademarks, logos, copyrights, etc. identified in your order. You also agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless BIC Graphic, its parent, subsidiaries and its affiliates and representatives, from and against all claims, liabilities and expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising out of or related to any actual or alleged infringement or misappropriation of any trademark, copyright or any other proprietary right of such merchandise. This provision will remain in effect after delivery of your order.

    Product Performance Policy


    California Proposition 65

    All of BIC Graphic's imprint inks have been tested and found to comply with Prop 65. All of BIC Graphic's Child Products have been tested and found to comply with Prop 65 and CPSIA. Unless requested otherwise on the purchase order, BIC Graphic will add a Prop 65 warning free of charge to all lead crystal, to a select group of bags, and limited number of other products, but only if those products have a Ship To address in California. BIC Graphic will add a Prop 65 warning free of charge to other products with a Ship To address in California if requested on the purchase order. These optional warning requests may add additional production days to your order.


    Certain products in this catalog may have a note stating that the product is CPSIAcompliant. Only products with this note are Children’s Products under the CPSIA. All other products are for adult or general purpose use. Please go to for Certificates of Compliance and General Conformity Certificates.

    Environmental Mission Statement

    We are committed to working with our vendors and employees to incorporate environmentally friendly business practices into our daily operations. These measures benefit our local communities, states and society at large. We will continue to identify and act on opportunities to minimize our impact on the environment.

    Policy on Reference to Marijuana in Art

    BIC Graphic only accepts orders for BIC Graphic products with decorations that include references to marijuana if the order is to promote a business or event located in a state or country where the sale of marijuana is permitted by national, provincial, state or district law. BIC Graphic reserves the right to accept or decline orders in its discretion where those orders are not consistent with or covered by this policy. BIC Graphic neither endorses nor opposes the lawful use of marijuana.

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    Writing Instruments

    General Information applicable to the products featured on pages 363–432.

    Minimum Line Weights and Type Sizes

    Minimum line weight is 0.5 pt. at final imprint size. Minimum point size for copy is 6 point.

    Layout Standards

    Unless otherwise stated on order, BIC Graphic reserves the right to size and arrange layouts at their discretion.

    Imprint Color Change

    FREE! Imprint color changes are available for all Writing Instruments; catalog minimums apply per imprint color change. Logo imprint and location must remain the same.

    Exact Quantity Order Charge

    FREE! There is no charge for exact quantity requests. If exact quantity is required, the purchase order must state “Exact Quantity.”


    Special packaging may incur additional production time.

    Polybagging in groups of 5 to 100 items:

    • Available for most writing instruments
    • Add $0.06(g) per writing instrument
    • Boxing in groups of 100 to 250 items:
    • Available for most writing instruments
    • Add $0.05(g) per writing instrument

    Cello packing available for a variety of writing instruments in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 packs. Contact distributor for more information

    Writing Instruments Packaging Options

    Single Clear-Top Gift Box
    $0.60(g) each, price includes
    un-imprinted box

    Velvet Pouch
    $0.55(g) each, price includes
    un-imprinted velvet pouch

    Paper Gift Box
    $1.00(g) each, price includes
    un-imprinted box

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    General Information applicable to the products featured on pages 433–472.


    Rulers are primarily used for advertising, not as a precision instrument.

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    General Information applicable to the products featured on pages 473–506.

    • Less than minimum not available for this product.
    • Due to volatility, USB pricing will be updated and posted to weekly.
    britePix® on Watches:

    Either an Opaque or Translucent technique may be used.

    • The Opaque technique prints a white underlay behind your image or text.
    • The Translucent technique prints your image or text without a white underlay.

    Please specify Opaque or Translucent on your purchase order. To review proof information please see General Information on page 697.

    watch decoration
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    Bags, Meeting, Travel, Outdoor & Leisure

    General Information applicable to the products featured on pages 17–244.

    Screen Print

    Ink is applied through a fine screen, leaving a color imprint on the surface of the product.

    Heat Transfer

    Logos are applied to products through the use of a paper-like transfer material with heat and pressure. This process is also used on material where it is not suitable to imprint more than 1 screen imprint color.


    Debossing imparts a more subtle effect than foil stamping or screen printing. This method allows you to leave a depression of your logo on the material’s surface. This process is best utilized on vinyl and bonded leather.

    Foil Stamp

    The most popular means of decorating our business accessories, a die is used to apply the logo onto the material’s surface. This process is best utilized on vinyl and bonded leather.

    SpectraColor ®Print

    spectra color

    SpectraColor ®allows you to reproduce your full-color design or logo by scanning a flat, full-color image or printing your computer-generated art.

    SpectraColor®Artwork: Artwork must be submitted electronically and a hard-copy color output must be mailed for color matching. Do not send 4-color separated art. Separations will be done in our art department. Exact color match cannot be guaranteed on 4-color process.

    Please submit color photographs and/or final, full-color art (printed or on disk) only. We cannot accept the following: slides, transparencies, photo negatives, film, low-resolution (halftone) prints, black-and-white separations (with two or more colors), Polaroid® photos, photos 3" x 5" or smaller. Original art size cannot exceed 11" x 17". We reserve the right to determine acceptability of submitted art. Additional art and/or alternate charges may apply. Please do not crease or mark on the photo(s) to be used. Submit a sketch of the required layout with your order. Submit art proportioned to size (with a 3/8" bleed) and design layout.

    **NOTE** The SpectraColor®II digital imprint method requires a mandatory e-mail/fax proof and must be printed with a background. The background can be a custom shape and can be any digital color. We cannot guarantee a match to the bag color.

    Optional Patch

    Add $0.95(g) for patch. Available on products AP5020, AP5940, AP9950.


    A design is stitched with thread on the surface of the product’s material.

    Embroidery Quick Tips
    • All lettering will be digitized with closest point connections
    • Spacing between bottom of all logos and visor of cap (all styles) is a minimum of 3/4"
    • Unless otherwise instructed, all back logos will follow the curvature of cap selected
    • Customer-supplied disks will be accepted. Minimum letter height is 1/4" and minimum line width is 2mm. If the customer tape is used without any edits, the customer will not be charged. If edits are performed, such as resizing or adjustments for material change, a $15(x) Required Edit Fee will be charged. If the tape is unusable, we will contact the customer for further guidance. Co-branded bags are excluded from the editing option as vendor specifications and charges vary. If a customer-supplied tape is received and does not meet our embroidery specifications or requirements, we will make necessary edits to the tape (see Required Edit Fee) and e-mail the free proof for final approval before proceeding. This may add production time to your order
    • 3mm left-right tolerance is our standard
    • For stitch count estimates, please send artwork to Allow 48 hours for a response

    Embroidery Charges
    • Set-Up Charge: Embroidery Tape Set-Up Charge $100(g)
    • Additional Color Charge: $0.28(g) per piece for each additional thread color over 7; limit of 12 total thread colors for products imprinted in Red Wing
    • Run Charge: $2.75(g); limit 10,000 stitches
    • Designs with excessive stitches (over 10,000 stitches) require an additional charge of $0.40(g) per 1,000 stitches
    • Additional Location Tape Charge Different Logo: For headwear add $40(g), limit 5,000 stitches; for other embroidery items add $100(g), limit 10,000 stitches
    • Thread Color Change Charge: $30(g). Minimum quantity is 72 pieces per change
    • Gold or Silver Metallic Thread Charge: Add $0.50(g) per item
    • Additional Location Charge: For headwear up to 5,000 stitches, add a run charge of $1.75(g) per item, per location. For other embroidery items up to 5,000 stitches, add a run charge of $2.25(g) per piece, per location
    • 3-D Embroidery on selected headwear items: add $2.00(c) per item
    • Copies: BIC Graphic-produced embroidery tapes are available for $25(x) per copy Embroidery Personalization
    • Charge: $5.00(g) per name, per item
    • Initials only: $2.50(g) per item (limit 2 letters)
    • Production time: 10 business days

    Multiple Location Imprints

    For screen print and heat transfer, varies by item. For deboss and foil stamp, varies by item.

    Match Primary Bag Color

    We will match your imprint to product accent or trim color when requested. Simply request "match trim" as your imprint color.

    Mailers and Gift Boxes

    Cardboard boxes suitable for mailing are available on chairs. Chairs are packed in 1-pack mailers for a charge of $2.75(g). Items will be inserted unless otherwise specified. Additional lead time may be required.

    Frigid Ice™ Packs

    45849 Frigid Ice™ packs available in case lot quantities for $0.75(g) each. They are packed in cases of 36, weighing approximately 18 lbs. Dimensions: 6"w x 4"h, 8 oz. Minimum order quantity is 36, available in increments of 1 after minimum purchase size.
    frigid ice pack

    Laundering Bags and Headwear

    We recommend you do not wash or launder bags or headwear. We will not accept responsibility for damages due to washing of caps and/or bags.


    We can customize any existing bag or create a new look designed to your specifications. Call your distributor for a quote, lead time and minimums.


    Fabric dye lots may naturally have some color variation.

    The cotton/canvas material is not designed for extended exposure to moisture. As a result, colorfastness of the material cannot be guaranteed.

    Genuine leather will have naturally occurring variations in color and surface. When imprinting on leather, the depth of the imprint and shade may vary throughout an order due to the characteristics in each individual hide. These natural variations are your assurance that it is genuine leather.

    Bag/Padfolio Sizing

    All sizes are approximate. Finished goods may vary plus or minus 1/2" in each direction.

    Minimum Line Weights and Type Sizes

    Arial typeface is recommended, using a minimum 15 point font size. Minimum line weight is 2 point.

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    General Information applicable to the products featured on pages 625–694.

    3-Day/24-Hour Service Golf Ball Set-Up Charges

    (catalog quantities only):

    • $31.25(g) for 1 to 2 colors
    • $62.50(g) when 3 to 5 colors
    • Additional color charge: $2.25(g) per dozen up to 5 imprint colors (24 dozen minimum)
    • Second pole charge: $2.81(g) per dozen (24 dozen minimum)

    Standard Service Golf Ball Charges

    • Second pole charge: per dozen (12 dozen minimum) Nike® / TaylorMade® / Callaway® / Wilson®: $2.50(g), Titleist® / Pinnacle®: $5.00(g)
    golf ball imprint location

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    General Information applicable to the products featured on pages 245–346.

    Shipping and Handling

    To prevent breakage, all ceramics must ship in a damage-resistant box; add $6.25(g) per case.

    Laser-Engraved Personalization

    • Charge: $2.50(g) per name, per item
    • Production time: 10 business days

    Imprint Locations

    Please indicate placement of your artwork on your purchase orders. See below for visual examples of various imprint options.

    koozie decoration
    sport bottles


    All halftones will have a noticeable dot pattern. Screen printed items will be run at 85 lines per inch, and halftone percentages can range from 20% to 80%. We reserve the right to adjust the halftones when needed. Halftones are not available on all items.

    Care Instructions

    We recommend that Plastics, Acrylics, Metals and Ceramics be hand washed only. Dishwashers may damage or greatly reduce the life span of the product and imprint. Do not use chlorine bleach or detergents containing bleach to clean. Do not microwave products made of stainless steel or imprinted with metallic ink. Use of a microwave may result in fire damage to the product and microwave.

    Mailers & Gift Boxes

    Cardboard boxes suitable for mailing are available for most drinkware products. Items will be inserted unless otherwise specified.

    Additional lead time may be required.

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    Laser-Engraved Personalization

    • Charge: $2.50(g) per name, per item
    • Production time: 10 business days
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    Flashlights, Tools & Auto

    Dangerous Goods

    Highway kits containing tire inflator/sealer will be subject to an additional charge of $40(z) per package when shipping via air/expedited transport. When reshipping kits containing these dangerous goods please contact your local carrier for shipping instructions.

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    Medallion Information

    (Applies to select Flashlights, Tools & Auto items.)

    Custom-Crafted, Screen Printed & Laser-Engraved Medallions

    • When medallions are optional, add $12.00 (g) per medallion
    • Minimum quantity of 15 medallions required
    • Less than minimum not available for products with medallions
    • Items containing Custom-Crafted Medallions are not eligible for combined pricing

    qc medallion
    QC Medallion

    Actual Size: 1-7/16" dia.
    Custom-Crafted Imprint Size: 1-1/4" dia.
    Screen-Printed and Laser-Engraved Imprint Size:
    1-1/16" dia.

    erdqc medallion
    ERDQC Medallion
    Actual Size: 1-15/16"w x 5/8"h
    Custom-Crafted Imprint Size: 1-3/4"w x 7/16"h
    Screen-Printed and Laser-Engraved Imprint Size:
    1-5/8"w x 3/8"h

    rqc medallion
    RQC Medallion
    Actual Size: 1-11/16"w x 1-1/4"h
    Custom-Crafted Imprint Size: 1-1/2"w x 1-1/16"h
    Screen-Printed and Laser-Engraved Imprint Size:
    1-3/8"w x 1"h

    screen printed medallion
    Screen Printed Medallion Only
    Actual Size: 1-7/16" dia.
    Imprint Size: 1-1/16" dia.

    laser engraved
    Laser-Engraved Medallion Only
    Actual Size: 1-7/16" dia.
    Imprint Size: 1-1/16" dia.

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